Finding dentists that you can trust and are available to listen to your needs is important to maintaining your oral health.

Case 1

case_1_before   case_1_after

This individual came to us with concerns of worn, discolored teeth. He wanted to have a youthful smile again.
Because of his grinding habits, we had to carefully plan his case. We balanced his bite so that forces could be distributed amongst all teeth as opposed to individual teeth that could potentially break our veneers. Six monolithic Emax veneers were placed canine to canine. This type of veneer not only provided the cosmetics he desired, but also the strength.


Case 2

case_2_before   case_2_after

This VERY busy individual came to us with cosmetic concerns of his top and bottom teeth. He desired to have his veneers completed in ONE day, because he was a speaker and could not afford to have TRADITIONAL veneer temporaries break or fall off while he was cross-country.
Twelve veneers and two crowns were completed in ONE day.


Case 3

case_3_before_0   case_3_after_0

This handsome 80+ individual was tired of his smile, and finally wanted to do something for himself.
Six E.Max crowns (due to extensive lingual wear) were placed, and the patient couldn’t have been happier.


Case 4


This wonderful patient presented with failing fillings and severe cracks on his front teeth. He was not only concerned about the functionality of his teeth, but also how they would look.
The patient was given a “Trial-Smile,” with temporaries so that he could evaluate not only his phonetics but his new smile. Once he gave us the OK to proceed with his final restorations, we gave our final instructions to our lab to have his new crowns fabricated.
Six E.Max crowns were placed, and the patient can not stop smiling!