The with All-on-4® dental implant protocol is a revolutionary treatment, that allows your oral surgeon and dentist to place four dental implants and a fixed bridge of teeth during ONE appointment. This means that an entire mouthful of teeth can be replaced with All-on-4® dental implants and a non-removable set of new teeth in as little as one day.

What kind of materials are used?

Your semi-removable All-on-4® prosthesis (your teeth) can be made from various materials based on your needs and budget.
The most common prosthesis is composed of a milled titanium bar acrylic teeth and gum placed on top. Alternatively, you could select a prosthesis made of zirconia and ceramic teeth for ultimate high-end aesthetics or other materials depending on the finish you desire.
Please note, your full-arch prosthesis cannot be removed by you, but can be removed by your dentist for maintenance.

What can I eat with All-on-4® Dentures?

If you previously had few or no teeth, or an uncomfortable ill-fitting bridge or plate, after your All-on-4® treatment is complete, you’ll notice the difference. You’ll be able to eat, bite and chew normally again. You’ll need to consume soft foods for the first three months after your All-on-4® surgery until your new implants have completely fused (‘osseointegrated’) with your jaw bone.